03 Oct

Did you know that October has a few important days in it; besides the obvious Halloween?

1 October – International Day of the Older person
2 October International Day of non-violence
3 October World Nature Day
10 October World Mental Health Day
12 October World Arthritis Day
15 October World White Cane Day
17 October International Day for the eradication of poverty
20 October World Osteoporosis Day

These are just a few and it certainly feels like we can call month of October “National Concerns of the Ageing” month!

One of the things we should focus on this month is “aging in place”. The majority of us would like to stay in our home for as long as possible. What things can we do now to get ready for winter? We need to ensure we have things ready as much as possible. Winter can be miserable if you are not prepared.

Some things to think about are:

If you have a home: how’s your furnace?  When was the last time you had the filter changed?  Does it need to be serviced? If you’re not sure about those things reach out to someone who can help; before it gets too cold. Have you paid your gas/fuel bill?

How is the access to your place? If you’re in a condo or apartment you’re likely ok but again, if you’re in your own home, ensure your walk way is clear. Do you need a ramp? We know people that can help with that if you are getting to the point where going up and down stairs is uncomfortable or dangerous for you. Do you have someone that can clear the snow – when it comes and it will…(insert evil Halloween laugh!)

Do you have family, friends or neighbours that keep an eye on you? They check on you daily to ensure everything is ok? If not, it may be time to call Age Friendly to ask about getting a Navigator. That’s a volunteer who will be that person who contacts you or drops in for a visit, if that’s something you would like. The winter months can feel long and lonely. Having social is very important! They can also drive you to medical appointments or help with groceries. Call our office if you would like some help with those things.

And speaking of social – don’t forget we have a Feast to Friendship luncheons on the last Monday of every month. The last little while it’s been at the Community Church in Cold Lake south (across from Hamel’s) Come on out and enjoy a nice luncheon prepared by our lovely volunteer Kaye . Come sit down, enjoy some friendship time and get a free meal. Sounds like a grand time to me – and who doesn’t like free! Also check out the Senior Centre up north. See what they are doing that you may be interested in. You never know when you will meet a new bestie!

Speaking of meals; it might be a good idea to have some already prepared and tucked in your freezer.  Age Friendly also offers a frozen meal program and the cost is based on your income so very affordable
to all. I’m not going to lie, some day’s it would be nice just to pop one of these locally prepared meals in the oven and be done with it.

These are just a few things to get you thinking about being prepared for the winter months ahead. If it all overwhelms you, you are not alone. Reach out to us, we can help you get ready for winter and ensure things are in place for a safe, comfortable winter at home. Then all you have to do is put on your sweater, curl up with a great book and a cuppa “whatever strikes your fancy” and sit back and enjoy.

Stay warm my friends and keep smiling!

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