02 Nov

There are two very important themes for the month of November: Remembrance Day and “Movember”.  Today we will focus on Movember and talk about Men’s health. May we remember the service and sacrifice of so many today, Remembrance Day and always. 

Now, what does a women know about men’s health? Not much.  I barely can figure out what’s happening with my own body as I age. So, for this blog I have done some research and I have friends and family that have their aging issues as well. So, in no way do I admit to knowing anything. I will just bring up some things that men in general are going through and let’s see where that goes.

Do you know that a Baby Boomer turns 70 about every 15 seconds! Wow. And men are living longer and longer. One of the complications that come from that is trying to understand this new world around us.

Feminism: most of the Baby Boomers grew up with this concept and are comfortable with the needs of the modern woman. Hopefully the modern women will come to grip with allowing men to be men and figuring out what that means to them as they age.

If you retire at 60 – 65 or even 70 - 75 you now have potential to live to your 90’s and more. You’ll have a lot of time on your hands. But on the other hand maybe you don’t want to retire. Then don’t.  Challenge stereotypical expectations and barriers to employment. Or…find another job you would like to do. No matter which way you go you now will have unprecedented opportunities for personal growth, service, community and fraternity. There are opportunities in our surrounding communities for each of these. What are you now interested in?

Jed Diamond, PhD, author of Male Menopause said: “Often a man’s restlessness and irritability come from the pull of his inner world, not a pull from outside. He may think he needs to leave his family, have an affair, change jobs, run away from home, or leave the country. The real longing may be to fulfill his soul’s calling.”

What??? What is my “Soul’s calling?” Are you all laughing??

This may be difficult because for your whole life the need and focus has been to support yourself and your family. Now this new-fangled world is asking: “What do you like to do, what is your soul’s calling?”  Was that ever an option in our father’s and grandfather’s life?

Volunteering is a wonderful way to feel needed and to offer others the wealth of experience you have gathered over your life.

Sports teams always need volunteers, and schools, and community centres and diverse community clubs. Which of course brings me to our own Men’s Shed. What a great way to socialize with other men, work on some projects and expand your horizons! Come on in and meet other men in your community and see what this club can offer you. They’re located on 56 St, in the Urlacher strip-mall behind A&A Glass.

Health. You really need to be concerned about your health and that includes your mental health. We hear a whole lot about menopause but have you investigated what is happening in the male body? Your hormones are adjusting, your metabolism is slowing down, your eyes don’t focus like they use to.

Everyone has different challenges. You should pay attention to your changing body and do what you canto remain healthy and happy.

Some things you can control are exercise and diet. Yuck right? NO! If you never have had to exercise o rhad the opportunity to exercise you need to start now. Go for a walk, get outside. Perhaps start with a visit to your doctor to ensure you are good to go! There is nothing better for your soul than a nice walk outside. Dress warm and enjoy!

If you have a partner talk about your eating habits and little things you can change. A little personal story: it seems for a while every road trip my husband and I made we loaded up on snacks! One day my husband said, why do we eat like teenagers when we go for a road trip? Good question. I mean who wouldn’t want to but our bodies can’t process that fake stuff as well as they used to. We now try to include fruit and nuts. We are still a work in progress! Make adjustments if you need to but be patient with yourself. A lifetime of habits are difficult to let go of.

In closing I will say take the time to ponder. My husband says that men don’t talk about their health. I’m pretty sure you all have an internal dialogue going on however be honest and true to yourself. Decide what you need moving forward and do it.  

Happy Movember my men friends. I love this quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

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