11 Dec

Well, here we are: the last month of the year! I’m not sure how that happened and it feels a little surreal as the weather has been so beautiful! December is a very busy month for a lot of people. Christians prepare for the birth of our Saviour, Jewish folks celebrate Hanukkah: the Festival of Lights and the Asara B’Tevet, Buddhist celebrate Bodhi Day and many others prepare for the arrival of Santa Claus! There are people at work trying to get those last minute tasks done before holidays and those warrior souls who work in the customer service industry – remember to be nice to those guys and gals!

As we close in on the end of 2023 it is also a time to reflect on the challenges and blessings of the year. If you have your health, your family and friends you have much to be thankful for!

There are those in our communities that find this time of year difficult for many reasons. As you reflect on your blessings please take a moment to look around and remember others that are not so fortunate.

Our aging community will probably be the first to tell you that they are thankful to be here and that they have everything they need but there are a few of them that need your time. Finances are tough for a lot of you this year, we get that. What we need mostly is your time.

Can you spare a few minutes to visit a person that can’t get out?

Can you spare a few minutes to drive someone to a doctor’s appointment or to help them get a few groceries?

If you’re going to the mall can you take someone with you for a short shopping trip?

We’re not asking for a definite time commitment; only to give what you can. We are asking you to give your “Gift of Time” this Holiday Season.

The Board of Age Friendly Cold Lake and our staff would like to thank all of our volunteers that have allowed us to have a successful 2023. We would not be able to help our aging community without you all!

And we’d like to thank our seniors. Despite the challenges that come our way as we age, they always show up with a smile on their face and are so thankful for whatever we can help them with. They make our lives so much fuller.

Please consider giving a Gift of Time this December season; you’ll find yourself smiling more for the service you have given to help others. What a great way to end the year!

May God (and Santa) grant you and yours a safe Holiday Season, make good memories and the very best in 2024!

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